Renewing a prescription and dispensing prescription medicine

Prescription medicines are dispensed in four separate points. In the so-called direct dispensing points, you can peacefully discuss about medication-related issues and problems with a pharmacist, because your information is handled with confidentiality. One pharmacist receives the prescription, checks and delivers the medicines as well as advices on their correct usage. We always check medicine interactions to ensure a successful medication.

We preserve information about dispensed medicines for one year. This information makes future visits faster and supports pharmaceutical counselling.

A prescription is valid for one year after the date it is written or renewed, provided that there is medicine left in the prescription. After one year the prescription has to be renewed, even if there was medicine left in the prescription. We can renew your prescription for you, if your situation is such that an appointment with a doctor is not needed. It takes on average 1–7 days to renew a prescription. All prescriptions cannot be renewed in a pharmacy.